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Established in 1983 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, The Colography Group is a market research consultancy that specializes in delivering actionable market intelligence focused uniquely on the expedited parcel transportation market. The founders built the firm around three primary components of the shipping business:

  • The Cost of transportation services;
  • the Logistics of transportation;
  • and the Geography of shipping demand.


A key differentiator in the marketplace is The Colography Group’s talented cadre of advisors, consultants, researchers, analysts and support staff. Each individual at The Colography Group brings with them a distinctive perspective and realm of experience focused in the research, marketing and package transportation industry. Because expedited transportation is our only focus, our staff includes knowledgeable industry veterans with years of practical industry experience who know the expedited transportation industry inside and out.

  • Key Executive Team
  • Research Services
  • Quality Call Center
  • Press Room


Mark Schoeman

Chief Executive Officer

Part of The Colography Group team since 1998, Mark oversees strategic direction for the company with hands-on leadership, as well as serving clients. An academic background in statistics, management and marketing combined with corporate tenure among transportation providers allows Mr. Schoeman to meet the needs of worldwide clients through actionable market insight and fact-based solutions.

Darren Lamb

Director of Research and Business Development

Part of The Colography Group Team since 1984, Darren currently leads Colography’s research and development initiatives. With a strong knowledge of both the expedited package market and data-driven strategic planning, Darren’s customized approach to research analysis is effectively used to forecast market developments, identify market opportunities and maximize revenue growth.

Heather Longdon

Vice-President Operations

Part of The Colography Team since 2010, Heather oversees the operations of the company in support of its goals and manages the daily functions of personnel, purchasing, administration and other operational departments.


Sandra Wadley

Senior Research Analyst

Part of The Colography Group team since 1993, Sandra designs, implements and provides analysis for full-scale qualitative and quantitative custom market research studies, as well as manages project development and target completion. Ms. Wadley is a specialist in developing methodologies to unlock the power of our primary data to provide practical, actionable insight to our clients.

Mike Mulvaney

Research Analyst

Part of The Colography Group team since 1998, Mike analyzes data, cleanses and maintains proprietary databases and employs statistical models in order to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse market dynamics of the shipping industry, for both domestic and international trade.

Greg Payne

Research Analyst

Part of the Colography Group team since 2015, Greg assists clients with a wide range of research issues including competitive developments, service enhancements, ecommerce opportunities, and identifying market growth potential. In addition, Mr. Payne oversees ad hoc and ongoing international projects and market share reports.

Bill Liddicoet

Research Analyst

Part of the Colography Group team since 1997, Bill has assisted clients with a wide range of research issues including developing methodologies for statistical models, market sizing and trends, strategic market analyses and competitive intelligence. In addition, Mr. Liddicoet supports clients with their international business plan development needs.


Cynthia Evans

Call Center Director

The Colography Group provides state-of-the-art survey data collection capabilities through a centralized Quality Call Center with over 28 computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) stations. Our data collection call agents are trained specifically in the vocabulary, issues and needs of the package transportation industry. Daily quality monitoring, production analysis and ongoing training is conducted by Quality Call Center supervisors who have first-hand knowledge and experience in our data collection methods. The CATI system can be custom tailored to meet individual client research goals.


The Colography Group is widely recognized as a leader in the field and their participation is often requested at trade conferences and leadership symposiums.

  • CSCMP, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • Delta Nu Alpha, Educating Transportation Professionals
  • Endicia User Conference
  • Georgia Logistics Summit
  • Mailcom, The Art And Science of Mail Communication
  • NASSTRAC, National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council
  • NPF, National Postal Forum
  • Postal Vision 2020
  • SMC3
  • UPU, Universal Postal Union


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