To capture the pulse of the shipping market, The Colography Group uses progressive data collection techniques, extensive telephone surveys and proprietary methods and models to identify trends in global shipping activity. Because its research comes directly from the buyers of transportation services, The Colography Group’s information is considered the most reliable and robust in the industry. We conduct a wide range of market research including market share and segmentation analysis, strategic positioning, advanced data modeling, barriers and drivers of usage and product development and optimization.


The Colography Group’s National Survey of U.S. Expedited Cargo is a series of statistically representative annual studies that capture the pulse of the package market for domestic and export services used by all types of shippers. Conducted continuously since 1993, The Colography Group’s National Survey remains the largest such data gathering effort. This study is designed to produce statistically reliable estimates of total expedited parcel transportation by mode of transport, transit time, product line and individual carrier – all at the industrial source and market area level.


  • Same Day Air
  • Ground Parcel
  • Private Fleet
  • Overnight Air
  • Truckload
  • Vessel
  • Second Day Air
  • Less than Truckloads
  • Exports
  • Three or More Day Air
  • Rail
  • Imports


  • Market Size
  • Industrial Source
  • Shipment Characteristics
  • Model Distribution
  • Shipper Profile
  • Product Mix
  • Carrier Share
  • Transit TIme
  • Geographic Origin/Destination


The Colography Group survey capabilities are turnkey for clients desiring custom or proprietary research on a specific aspect of the expedited transportation market. We develop the survey design, questionnaire writing, quota management, statistical data analysis (e.g., outlier identification, recall verification, standard deviations, extrapolations, etc.) and conduct quantitative surveys using our own in-house Quality Survey Center.

The size and scope of The Colography Group’s National Survey effort provides an unsurpassed opportunity to use this research as a springboard for additional studies on a cost-effective and time-sensitive basis. Respondent sub-groups of interest can be re-contacted after an appropriate period of time. Additional in-depth information on specific aspects can be studied in the hinge survey maximizing the identification of potential respondents.


  • U.S. to Canada and Mexico
  • U.S. Importer Demand
  • Canada Domestic
  • Metro Same Day
  • Package Returns
  • U.S. Exports for Low-Value Goods


Every business needs a partner with deep industry knowledge who can translate meaningful insight into actionable recommendations. With our extensive expertise in the expedited transportation industry, coupled with our quantitative research data, The Colography Group is that partner.
The Colography Group’s consulting practice has over three decades of hands-on experience in transportation, logistics and data analytics. Our consultants do more than just analyze problems and report data, our team provides logical, understandable and actionable recommendations that are supported by fact-based survey research data.

Our most recent consulting services focused on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities:


• Shipping Market Impact of e-Commerce Marketplaces
• Competitive Landscape and Market Strategy
• Pricing, Yield Management, Sales Strategies and Training
• Industry Segmentation Analysis on Origin and Destination Traffic Flows
• Market Forecast for Domestic and Export Markets