The Colography Group offers the following distinct advantages:


  • A thorough understanding of the parcel shipping market, both domestic and international, including the implications and nuances of complex competitor products and services;


  • Insight garnered from extensive experience in conducting in-depth research to identify trends in global shipping activity; our data is collected directly from the buyers of transportation services and represents all shipping establishments;


  • A unique focus and dedication to market research: The Colography Group designs and executes research based on client goals and needs, interprets and reports valuable findings, and makes actionable recommendations. We gather objective, quantifiable measures of transportation usage – facts, not opinions. Expedited parcel transportation is our only focus and our clients benefit greatly from this depth and breadth of expertise.


Now in its 25th consecutive year, The Colography Group’s National Survey of U.S. Expedited Cargo remains the largest survey of its kind ever undertaken in our industry. Capturing the rich variety of shipping needs and behaviors for hundreds of thousands business establishments in a massive time-series database, our National Survey is quite simply unparalleled in its depth, breadth and richness of detail. No other transportation consultancy can make this claim and we are frequently sought out by our competitors because we have the data that no one else has.

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